About Marianito

Marianito is a project started by Cameron Gordon and Ibai Pico, two people with different origins who share the same love for a place where good food and drink is a way of life: The Basque Country. 

The two met in 2021 when Cameron moved from Southern California to Bilbao. With a background in wine and food, she met willingly with anything Ibai, a proud local, had to show her. He showed her for the first time Txakoli and pinchos, gildas and vermouth, the Basque language, their ancient traditions, and a completely different culture that at the same time, felt like a second home to her.

In 2023, the couple decided to put forth their shared experiences surrounding food, cooking, and drink to create Marianito. Their mission is to highlight local products that embody the gastronomic flair and culture of the Basque Country, and share them with the world—with hopes to reach farther than just California.


What does “marianito” mean? “Marianito” is the name for a vermouth-based cocktail, derived from the Basque Country. Around 1 in the afternoon, just before lunch, it is not uncommon to see a family or group of friends gather to enjoy a marianito with a gilda. In the Basque Country, this is just one of the simple pleasures which in reality, give essence to life itself. 

The Basque Country

The Basque Country is made up of 7 territories: 4 in Spain and 3 in France. Each territory has its own unique micro-culture and traditions, but they are all united under their shared base culture and ancient language: Basque. 

Due to geography, each territory specializes in different products. In the north, where valleys and coastal fishing ports are prominent, you can find seafood preserves such as tuna or anchovies, white wines, and cider. Meanwhile in the south, its climate allows for the production of some of the best red wines known around world—as well as a variety of vegetables and other high-quality produce.

Good eating and drinking are a non-negociable in every region, and serve part in the foundation of the Basque identity. The Basque Country also has one of the highest densities of Michelin star restaurants per square meter—though the best chefs in the world are always found at home. 

The Marianito Shop is for these at-home chefs, food and drink enthusiasts, or those who simply want to sit around the table and enjoy life’s simple pleasures. On egin!